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We make your life comfortable with our services.

Save to Earn

Save in your cashmasta vaults and earn regular monthly interest on your savings. Earn more up to 3.0% interest and a super-low exchange rate.

Cashmasta Loans

Loan services are available for the growth of micro businesses We also help grow a fast growing medium scale businesses with customised loan services

Cashmasta Pay

Multiple Online payment processing available with the cashmasta app. cashmasta gives you the freedom to get more. Our solutions make payments easier, transfers free, savings more rewarding and gives you cashback on airtime and data top-ups. With 100% network uptime, you can make payments in seconds without transaction failure. Enjoy a better life with cashmasta.

Money Transfer

Our Money transfer system is secure and easy. Send money to your friends and families using the cashmasta app to make instant transactions to other banks seamlessly. No late fees, hidden fees, or paying interest-on-interest

Deposit Money

Account-holders of Cashmasta are able to deposit their money through our several payment systems. We have online payment services like PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Mollie, Payeer, etc.

Withdraw Money

Account-holders of Cashmasta are able to withdraw money from their account. Without verification, any withdrawal won't be completed, so you can trust Cashmasta.

We provide smart and amazing personal experience when it comes to mobile banking services all over the world

Cashmasta is a secure and robust mobile Banking platform built to offer you amazing experience when dealing with your money. We offer you nothing but the best product and services around the world in real record time 24/7


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Using the cashmasta app totally change the way I relate with money personally, now I can save more to earn interest on monthly, which is a great opportunity for me to build wealth

Adam Gazani


The is just awesome, best quality service ever I had. You can trust them and deposit your funds. Their Loan plans are really helpful

Maria Ahsan

Managing Director, GO COMMERCE

I had opened an account 3 years ago, I feel safe managing my money with the Cashmasta app. Their save to earn schemes plans are really helpful

kwame Boateng

Founder of Zoani

Best quality service ever I had. The money transfer system is just awesome. The beneficiary listing system makes it quite efficient.

John Akintola

CEO of Jetmen

Our Partners

Deposit Pension Scheme

Grow your money with us.


Cashmasta Pension

$10 /30Days
  • Interest Rate 8%
  • Per Installment $10.00
  • Installment Interval 30 Days
  • Total Installment 2000
  • Deposit $20,000.00
  • You Will Get $21,600.00

Cashmasta Investa Pro

$1000 /5Days
  • Interest Rate 1%
  • Per Installment $1,000.00
  • Installment Interval 5 Days
  • Total Installment 25000
  • Deposit $25,000,000.00
  • You Will Get $25,250,000.00

Online Payment

We have online payment services that enebles you to send and receive money from other payment platforms or companies swiftly without any struggle. You use your cashmasta app to receive or send money to PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Mollie, Payeer, RazorPay, etc. and also to your bank accounts both locally and internationally

Cashmasta Loans

Cashmasta Loan is the go to place to get your loans approved withing 24hrs or even less. With a cashmasta account you can either apply for our loan service on our website or through our mobile app. We have different loan packages for your conveniency

Cashmasta Investments

With cashmasta investment, you invest to earn

Money Transfer

You are able to transfer your money within the Cashmasta app seamlessly without any extra hidden charges. Send money to friends and families cashmasta account or send money to your accounts with other banks or financial institutions

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